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The Project

The project aims to create one of the best Organic and Vegan anti-ageing creams on the market. Scheduled for launch during the second semester of 2024. This new generation cream, sold exclusively online, will be made in Lyon, France. Its formula will mainly contain ingredients from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.


The Project

The registered trademark "Les Laboratoires de L’Antiquaille" and the domain name "lantiquaille.com" recognise and are a tribute to the former L'Antiquaille hospital in Lyon, which was for decades the symbol of Lyon excellence in dermatology.

Nowadays, Lyon continues to be a centre of excellence in this field and hosts many internationally renowned laboratories and scientific organisations. The project's ambition is to harness and build on this unique know-how to create an outstanding product, developed and produced locally, which combines the best of Science and Nature.


It will be one of the best Organic and Vegan anti-ageing creams on the market.

Developed and produced in Lyon, France, it will be composed mainly of
ingredients from the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region.


An outstanding product
with proven efficacy

It will be the fruit of Lyon's excellence in dermatological and skincare research. This unique innovative cream will combine the proven efficacy of dermatological cares with the ease and comfort of use of the leading skincare products.


The perfect match
between Advanced Research
and Nature

It will be an organic-labelled cream but based on a major technological backbone, not just few natural ingredients mixed together. The search for a real, visible and long-lasting action on the main factors of skin ageing will be at the heart of the product's development.


A unique anti-ageing
Organic and Vegan cream
which respects the planet

During the development of this organic product, no animal testing nor any ingredient of animal origin will be used. Its production will aim to have as neutral an environmental impact as possible. The packaging and over-packaging used will be made of high-quality recyclable materials.


A local product
with claimed origins
in Lyon, France

The product will be developed and produced in Lyon, France, in world class laboratories. Moreover, the project will make maximum use of locally developed active ingredients and technologies. It will be the first high-performance Organic and Vegan skincare product to clearly claim its Lyon origins.


Sold exclusively online

This unique product will be sold exclusively online during the second semester of 2024 under the brand name "Les Laboratoires de L'Antiquaille".
This distribution model will allow the brand to have a direct link with its consumers while providing them with a unique shopping experience.


The Team

"Les Laboratoires de L'Antiquaille" is a collaborative project. Led by a specialist in the development and marketing of top-of-the-range cosmetic products, this project will involve the both scientific community and consumers in the design and development of the brand's future products.

This is one of the reasons why this website was launched. Beyond communicating on the project, it will give you the opportunity to express your opinion and provide direct input, to test future product samples and thus to participate directly in the development of the project.


The team

Florent Gerphagnon, the project leader, has more than 20 years of experience in cosmetics. He has worked for major players in this industry in France and abroad.

As a member of the Cosmet’in Lyon association, he well knows the key players in the dermatology and dermo-cosmetics industries in France and in the Lyon region. In addition to his background as an entrepreneur, he also worked in the field area of E-Commerce and masters has successfully mastered the latest techniques in Digital Marketing and Communication.

The timing

After completing the "Lyon Start-Up" incubation programme at the end of 2020, the project leader officially created "Les Laboratoires de L'Antiquaille" in October 2021 with the help of a group of private shareholders.

In early 2022, the company received a financial support from BPI France, with the award of a "Bourse French Tech" grant to co-finance part of its innovation programme. This programme continued throughout 2023, and the company is now preparing for the commercial launch of its products scheduled for the 2nd half of 2024.

"Les Laboratoires de L'Antiquaille" and its founder participate in the various activities of professional associations in the dermatology and dermo-cosmetics sector, both in the Lyon area (e.g. Cosmet'In Lyon) and nationally (e.g. Société Française de Cosmétologie - SFC).


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